Competition Rules

  1. Registration deadline: 1 March 2015 at 2:13:16 p.m.
  2. Anyone can participate: the Challenge throws the gauntlet to thinkers and doers who design to disrupt. To designers who understand that technology is an instrument that can help us create better products. Students, starters, seasoned professionals — anyone can participate — individually, as a team or as a company. There are no criteria regarding place of residence or nationality, but contestants will have to be willing to travel to Challenge meetups at their own expense.
  3. Your idea is and remains yours: throughout the competition you will retain full ownership of all rights to your concept, and of all prototypes developed.
  4. Discretion: we will not share your idea without your permission. The organisation and the members of the jury are bound by confidentiality. This discretion is also expected of you: at the end of the process we want to be able to join you in introducing your concept to the press and the general public. So no friendly chats with the media while the Challenge is underway.
  5. Assessment criteria: we’re looking for products that utilise digital production’s strong suits to make a positive impact on people and planet. These include:
    • customisation (beyond one-size-fits-all mass production)
    • local production (short-chain, Made in China only if made for China)
    • closed loops (end-of-life solutions for your concept)
    • sustainability (social and ecological responsibility)
    • get creative with the 6 design principles: it’s not a must to integrate all of them, but we do expect you to consider them and to come up with options.
  6. Expert jury:. The members of the jury are: Rodrigo Bautista (Forum for the Future), Benjamin Denayer (Sirris), Patrick Kenis (Antwerp Management School), Jan Leyssens (Plan C), Deepak Mehta (3Dee), Hilde Sevens (Autodesk), Wouter Ulburghs (OVAM Ecodesign).
  7. Authority of the jury: whether your concept advances to the next round is up to the jury and the jury alone. Their decision is final.
  8. Prize: the combination of free coaching, feasibility studies and prototyping of your concept is a valuable prize in itself. The best concepts will be fully developed and produced. Together with you we will present them at the closing event, for which we will attract (international) press.
  9. Administrative offices: The Additive Design Challenge is organised by Plan C. For questions or complaints, please contact, Plan C vzw, Stationsstraat 110, 2800 Mechelen.
Process guidance by:
Plan C vzw | Stationsstraat 110 | 2800 Mechelen | 015 711 658 | |
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